Looking for historical thrills and film noir chills? Well you've come to the right place as Tour Noir: A Dame to Guide For is New York's best and only sightseeing theater experience!

Instead of watching a play or listening to stale facts from a guide book, Tour Noir: A Dame to Guide For puts you right smack in on the action and puts you right in the middle of the story.

Join our tour and you'll be tasked with helping  humble tour guide, Jason Thompson and his alluring and mysterious ex-fiance Veronica, solve the case of the century: Veronica's missing husband. Together we'll travel through winding streets and criss-cross through famous landmarks like Wall Street, City Hall, the Woolworth Building, Chinatown, and Little Italy while dealing with clues, ambushes, and snappy ex-lover bickering all in pursuit of this vanished person.

There's no tour like it in the city - book it now for an trip around Manhattan you won't forget!


Check it out!