So you know what you're getting into

First off - How much does it cost?

$35 for the tour and $45 for the tour and lunch package.

Is tip included?

Tip for the performers is not included in the price above and can be given at the end of the tour if you thought we did a phenomenal job! IF you purchased the Lunch in Little Italy package - tax and tip for the meal are included in the paid price.

How do I pay?

With Paypal on our book now page.

Can I pay on the spot?

You may show up the day of the tour and if we have enough space you are more than welcome to join either the straight tour or the tour with the lunch option. Though each option will cost an additional $5 so please try to reserve ahead of time.

How long is the tour?

The tour is around two hours and runs from 1 to 3 in the afternoon. Try to get there around 15 minutes early so we can set everything up smoothly.

What is the lunch package?

After the tour, there will be an option to enjoy a thin crust Sicilian slice and drink special at Rizzo's Fine Pizza located at 17 Clinton Street (a 10-15 minutes away from the end point of the tour but well worth the short walk). They offer many specialty slices including one for our tour and a special beer to pair it with. The meal is prepaid for in your ticket so once we arrive at Rizzo's just order and chow down on a delicious slice - the perfect ending to the day.

How do i get to the starting point?

We start every tour in Hanover Square close to the India House. Take the ACE trains to World Trade Center/Chambers Street Station and walk:

ace directions.png

Or take the 2/3 trains to the Wall Street Station (or the JZ trains a block away on the Broad Street Station located on Broad and Wall Street) and walk:




Where does the tour end?

We end at Lt. Petrosino Square in Cleveland Place a few blocks south of the BDFM and 6 trains at the Broadway-Lafayette Street/Bleeker Street Station.

nbfm directions.png

Or if you come with us to Rizzo's Fine Pizza - We are close to the F/M and the J trains at Delancy and Essex Street Station:

jmz rizzo.png

What is the distance traveled?

We will be walking around 2.5 miles - so wear some sneakers!

What are some sights along the way?

We don't want to spoil the surprises of the tour be we will be hitting up all the popular and less popular sights of downtown Manhattan from the Stock Exchange to City Hall through Chinatown and Little Italy.

Will there be time to take pictures?

What kind of immersive sightseeing tour play would we be if we didn't? There will be ample time for picture taking and we'd be happy to assist.

Are there bathroom breaks?

Yes - we have scoped out a few places to go use the bathroom among the way. It is highly recommended that you arrive early as we have a special (and very clean place) for you to use the restroom.

Is it child friendly?

In movie ratings the tour is around a PG-13 or a light R. There is some rowdy sailor talk and dirty adult jokes but nothing that the average teen hasn't said a million times before (well maybe not in front of their parents).

Can a large group or office take the tour?

Yes of course! Send an email through the contact me page and we'll put together a great time!

What's the bad weather policy?

Like the post office - we will operate rain or shine, so come weather prepared. In terms of extreme bad weather ie hurricanes or class 3 killer snowstorms, an email will be sent out notifying that the tour has been canceled and a full refund will be issued.

What is the cancellation policy?

There is a full refund up until 3 days before the date of the tour, 50% 2 days before the tour, and nonrefundable a day before and the day of the tour.